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For long hair is given to her as a covering.

About this Journey 


My name is T.T. Let me give you a bit of background on how I arrived at this point. About eight years ago, I decided to undergo what's known as a "big chop." I must admit, I was a bit clueless about the tools needed for the job—I reached for scissors instead of shears. Nonetheless, I was determined to take the plunge and rid myself of those thin, scrawny braids.

My journey began on March 8, 2012. At that time, I wasn't accustomed to wearing my natural hair out, so I cut off all the relaxed hair and relied on weaves and wigs while waiting for my natural hair to grow out. Even now, I occasionally turn to these protective styles to safeguard the health of my natural hair.

My journey with natural hair has been a process of trial and error. I've realized that what works for someone else's hair may not necessarily work for mine, and vice versa. Along this path, I've undergone one big chop and one mini chop. The first was to rid my hair of relaxers and damage, while the second addressed heat damage. Since then, I've consciously decided to steer clear of salons unless it's for a special occasion.

A few years into my natural hair journey, I began experiencing issues with edge loss. Determined to find a solution, I researched various natural oils that could aid in regrowth. My love for wearing puffs made it imperative to preserve my edges. Initially, I attributed the issue to different hair gels or scarves, but I soon turned to the countless benefits of herbs, recognizing their divine origins.

In my quest for solutions, I also researched oils that effectively remove facial hair, ensuring I avoided any potentially harmful combinations in my concoctions. Experimenting with different oil blends, I meticulously tested them on sections of my hair for a month to ensure compatibility. The results were promising – my edges began to return, my hair showed signs of accelerated growth, and it retained moisture for longer periods. I even noticed an improvement in thickness.

Sharing my discoveries with others led to requests for the oil blend. After witnessing their success stories, I realized the potential of my creation and decided to share it with a wider audience. What's wonderful is that it seamlessly complements existing hair care routines. I apply it twice weekly to moisturize my scalp and tresses, gently massaging for at least two minutes. It's also fantastic for braided hair and use under wigs and weaves to promote growth. I've even tested it on kids' hair, but I advise caution for those with sensitive skin.

Consistency is paramount, and when people began asking why I wasn't selling it, I pondered the idea and eventually decided to make it available. Additionally, I've developed a shea and mango butter blend infused with these herbs, which I also use on my skin with remarkable results.

Whether massaging or using it in your beard, this blend is versatile and effective. Love your hair and the skin you're in – this product is a testament to that mantra. Enjoy the journey!

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