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Hair Supplies

For long hair is given to her as a covering.

About this Journey 


My name is T.T

Here's a little background as to how I got here. About 8 yrs. ago, I decided to big chop. I had no idea what kind of scissors to use, notice I said scissors and not shears. Nor did I know what I was up against. I decided to cut off all those thin scrawny braids and my journey began. It was Mar 8, 2012. I wasn't wearing my hair out anyway so, I cut off all the relaxed hair and wore weaves & wigs until I grew it out. I still wear them sometimes to protect my natural hair.

It was trial and error for me. I have learned that what works for someone else's hair may not necessarily work for mine and vice/versa. During this natural hair journey, I've had 1 BC and 1 mini chop. The first one was to get rid of the relaxer and damage the 2nd one was to get rid of heat damage (No more salons for me unless it's a special occasion). I start battling with edge loss a few years after that and start researching every kind of natural oil that could potentially grow them back. I love wearing my puffs so I couldn’t afford to lose my edges. At first, I was thinking it was the different gels I was using, but then I thought maybe it was the scarves. I just wasn't sure, but I do know herbs were put here by God himself so I couldn't go wrong with those,  the benefits are endless. While researching these herbs I also researched oils that would help to remove facial hair just so that I wouldn't make the mistake of adding that combination into my oils or butter. I start mixing and balancing different oils then I'd try them on 1 section of my hair for about a month to make sure I was not going to have any issues with using them throughout my entire head. I noticed that my edges were coming back, and my hair was starting to grow at a faster pace, all while staying moisturized longer. I felt it was getting thicker. You can see the before and after pictures down below which I will continue to add to as I allow my hair to grow out. I've always had an issue with my hair holding moisture but, this oil combination was working.  (My hair is 4c; low porosity.) When others start to inquire about what I and my daughter was using, I shared and start making it for some of them as well; they’ve had success and now it's their go-to. Consistency is key. When asked, why isn't this for sale? (After much thought), I decided, why not share?! The beautiful thing about it is it mixes well with other products that you may already be using. I use it 2ce a week to moisturize my scalp & tresses and massage for a minimum of two minutes. It is also great for braided hair, and to use under wigs and weaves to help your hair grow while under there (check out your new growth :). I use it for kids' hair as well. Test it out first for those with sensitive skin before applying it to the entire scalp. Read the ingredients on the back or here on this site. Check out the other mixture of Shea & Mango (white and yellow) infused with these herbs. I use them on my skin and have had great results, it has removed old scars and softened marks. My skin loves it, and my hair loves the oil!  Sometimes for massaging, I'll use the double boiler method for the Shea Mango butter(1 tbsp) ( Check out videos on YouTube info on the double boiler method)  Love your hair and the skin you're in, and yes men! It's for beards too.  Enjoy!

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